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Friendship Between Chinese Couple and their Apprentices
Source:CR2 Date:2019年04月22日

Anthem of CREC—“Trailbreaker”

Zhao Dechao and Song Dongmei, a couple from Sichuan, were working in lab. They not only strictly control the quality of the project, but also bring out several local apprentices. One is Moxissa and another is Naama. Zhao Dechao was mostly impressed by these two apprentices, as they were completely different in working manners. When Marma learned, the experimental values were always closer to the standard values. But the results produced by Mossissa were always unreliable. Once, Zhao Dechao asked Moxisha to conduct fineness test of cement. The result was 10 times different from the standard value, and the product was identified as unqualified. After Song Dongmei's re-examination, it was proved to be Mossissa’s mistake in decimal point. Song Dongmei talked to Mosesa and found that Mosesa's family condition was not very good. He was the only labor force in his family. Therefore, Song Dongmei promised to give him another chance. Mossissa also cherished it and reviewed it twice. Seeing his change, Zhao Dechao and his wife taught him more work skills. When Zhao Dechao and Song Dongmei returned to China, Mossissa shed tears when saying farewell to the Chinese couple.


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