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Gao Hongchun, a project technician of CRJE (East Africa) Ltd., CRCEG
Source:China Railway Construction Engineering Group Date:2019年04月02日

Anthem of CREC—“Trailbreaker”

Gao Hongchun, a project technician of CRJE (East Africa) Ltd., CRCEG

The Centre of Excellence for Maternity Care, the hospital which was put into construction in November, 2016, is in a remote and barren village. Those Chinese young men in CRCEG’s project department often commute between the project site and the downtown area to purchase goods and materials. Every time they drive by, children in the village will chase after their battered pickup truck, playing and moving around happily.

Once when I was talking with my colleague in the dormitory after work, there was a knock at the door. My colleague opened the door and there were several children. We thought they might be hungry and gave them some water and bread. Then they all went home happily. From then on, children in the village often come to play with us. We play football together, and we tell them stories. Thus we become great friends, and they call us KAKA (meaning "elder brother" in Swahili) lovingly.

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