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Recent Achievements of Boten-Vientiane Railway Project
Source: Date:2019年08月21日

Anthem of CREC—“Trailbreaker”

Structure of Mekong River Major Bridge Closed

The 1458.9-meter-long Mekong River Major Bridge witnessed successful closure of structure recently, 7 months ahead of schedule. The Bridge, located at Luang Prabang, constructed by CREC subsidiary---China Railway No. 8 Engineering Group, is one of the most challenging and technically complicated parts of the whole line of Boten-Vientiane Railway. This process marks a great breakthrough of the Boten-Vientiane Railway Project.

Menga No. 2 Tunnel was Through

Menga No.2 Tunnel of Boten-Vientiane Railway was tunneled through by CREC subsidiary---China Railway Guangzhou Engineering Group, recently. CREC workers encountered very complicated geological challenges during the excavation of this 450-meter-long tunnel, while they overcome the hardships and successfully completed the excavation with safety and high quality.

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