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Nabouwalu Road Upgrade Project, Fiji
Source:China Railway First Group Date:2019年03月18日

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Project name: Nabouwalu Road Upgrade Project, Fiji

Total length: 70 kilometers

Contractor: China Railway First Group Co.,Ltd.

The project located in the second largest island of Fiji. The Nabouwalu Road is the only traffic line connecting the Nabouwalu Port of Fiji North Island and the strategic town of the east, Lebsasa. The whole length of the road is 70km, and the contract amount is 837 million RMB sourcing from concessional loan of Chinese government. It is also the biggest the road upgrade project in Fiji.


The Nabouwalu Road Upgrade Project was completed in 2016 and was awarded the “National Excellent Engineering” in 2017.

Fiji Nabouwalu Road Upgrade Project 

Since the commencement, the CRFG well planned and organized, overcame all difficulties, and completed construction mission advance 26 days of the contract duration successfully.

The upgraded road reduces travel time from Lebsasa to the Port from 5 hours to 2 hours. It is much easier for the trade and travel of residents in the North Island. The road plays the positive role for promoting the North Island’s even Fiji’s economic development and living standard of people. 


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